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Curriculum-aligned, designed by wildlife and conservation experts and delivered by our climate conscious passionate volunteers.

Some of our workshops are offered free of charge and some we ask for a small donation towards costs. All are available for in-person delivery in London, and virtual delivery across the UK.

Wildlife Conservation

We run an exciting range of free, KS1 and KS2 curriculum aligned workshops designed by and delivered in collaboration with international wildlife charity

the Born Free Foundation. 

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Threats Facing Wildlife 

We introduce students to four key species that Born Free cares for, elephants, tigers, orca and hedgehogs. Pupils will learn interesting facts about each species and learn about the threats they face. They will also learn how they can each make small changes in their daily lives to help protect wildlife.


Price: £50 per workshop

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Precious Primates
and Rainforests

Help students to discover more about tropical rainforests, their geographic distribution, make-up and importance, as well as introducing them to some of the amazing primates found there. Pupils will develop short speeches highlighting why the rainforest is important to them, and how we can all protect primates.


Price: £50 per workshop

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Should Animals Have The Same Rights As Humans?

This workshop reveals amazing facts about elephants in the wild and encourages pupils to think about the feelings of animals in zoos. Pupils work in small groups to represent the stakeholders involved in bringing an elephant from Africa to a zoo in the UK, and are encouraged to consider, discuss and debate animal rights.

Price: FREE

Climate Justice

We offer a FREE fun interactive KS3 climate workshop, led by our young volunteers developed by the UK Youth Climate Coalition.


It's perfect for schools and youth groups that want to help empower more young people to take action on climate change!


Introducing Climate Justice

Help students to not just understand how to bring about climate justice, how to cope with their eco anxiety and how to create change in their own communities. This workshop provides

  • a greater understanding of climate justice and the social impacts of climate change


  • tips they can implement to support their emotional wellbeing


  • different techniques for creating positive change in their communities


  • an opportunity to design and present their own campaign

Little Sutton Primary School

"Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and learned lots from the experience. They were the right blend of information and interaction which enabled the children to learn and make them think."

All workshops can slot easily into your timetable.

If you have any questions please contact us!

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